Physio-Yoga Fusion Classes

by Denise Brochu

These classes are an excellent introduction to engaging the core in a safe environment of your body.  They teach the foundation of breath, alignment, inner/outer core, and activation of global muscles.

GLA:D Program

by Celia Gjosund

GLA:D is an 8-week education and exercise program developed in Denmark for people with symptoms of knee or hip osteoarthritis. 

Urban Poling

by Celia Gjosund

This exercise is an easy, fun, low-impact and convenient way to increase the health benefits of walking.  Poles improve balance and increase confidence during walking. Using poles improves posture, strengthens the abdominals, spinal erectors and latissimus dorsi, and increases lateral stability of the spine.

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Physio-Yoga Fusion | GLA:D Program 

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